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About Us

Marisol’s Insurance, licensed by the State of California, is the fastest growing insurance agency in Southern California. Characterized by excellent customer service and a personal touch, we specialize in providing quality low-cost insurance with exceptional service.

How We’re Different

Unlike our competitors, we do not play games with your time or money. We understand the times we live in and that insurance is a need, not a luxury. Although customers understand the importance of insurance, most look for a company that understands their financial needs; this is who we are. In an industry plagued with unfair practices and price gouging, Marisol’s Insurance Services is determined to make a difference.


Highly trained and licensed insurance agents. You can rest assured that you will understand what your options are, and what coverage we are offering before you make a decision. We don’t use pressure tactics to sell you the coverage you need. We inform you, and help you decide what is best for you based on your needs and your budget.

No-haggle Pricing

You can always expect to get the lowest rate on your first quote. Our pricing is set, and our agents do not determine how much you will pay. The criteria that determines how much you will pay is your driving record, the number of cars you are insuring, zip code, and how much coverage you purchase.

If there are applicable discounts, they will be immediately applied whether you ask for them or not. This is our promise to you.

No Gimmicks

We will not promise to give you a price for insurance that doesn’t exist, and then lie or use half-truths to connive you into paying something different. Marisol’s Insurance Services prides itself in having a reputation of transparency, and being able to deliver the promises we make.

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Even if our competitors have no problem advertising the “$14 per month,” or the “$1 a day,” our company would rather commit to offering you a quote based on your needs and personal situation, rather than a far-fetched claim that is very unlikely.

Rest assured that the price we offer you is the lowest one available, and you will not feel as if you’ve been duped by some jazzy sales person on the phone, or in person.


If your price or coverage is incorrect as a result of an error on our part, we refund your money. You can buy with confidence.

Friendly and Expedient Customer Service

Kindness is in short supply these days. Marisol’s Insurance Services prides itself in being the insurance agency of the community. Although everyone has a bad day once in a while, our company culture stresses the old adage, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

If you are having a bad day, or are stressed out about your policy, you can rest assured that our customer service representatives will treat you with understanding, and genuine concern for your situation. We are here to help. No compromise will ever be made in terms of this commitment to you.

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We strive to answer your questions without “I think,” or “possibly,” or “maybe.” When you call in with a question or concern, we promise to resolve your issue either on the first call, or within one business day if the situation calls for a follow-up. We don’t pass the buck.

You are our first priority and our goal is to give you peace of mind. With so many other worries to stress about, we don’t want your insurance policy to be one of them.


You can find comfort in knowing that our experienced team of customer service and sales representatives provide fast, fair and friendly service when you need it, any time, all year round.