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Auto Insurance
Company in Pomona, CA

With a number of options for auto insurance in Pomona to choose from, it’s hard to know which is the best fit for your circumstances. You might need to shop around, but what if you don’t like haggling with the salesperson for the right price, or discover the resulting payment just isn’t the same price you had seen that company advertise? Trust and transparency really set insurance companies apart, and at Marisol’s Insurance Services, not only do we research for the right deal, but we strive to deliver what we promise. Here’s how.

Customer-Oriented Service

Our agents earn more for selling more policies and more coverage, not for charging higher fees, so our customers know there is no motivation for us to raise prices just to get a larger commission. Marisol’s Insurance Services rewards sales agents with a higher hourly rate to create an incentive for selling more policies at a lower-rate, rather than fewer policies at higher rates.

Unlike many other auto insurance agencies, this eliminates the conflict of interest between our sales agents and our customers; we give our sales agents the freedom to sell coverage and answer questions related to what is important to our customers. Those who look into our services can rest assured that we won’t spend hours convincing them to pay higher rates just for our employees to make higher commissions.

Transparency is key to earning trust, so we want our customers to know that we value their trust by showing them that we have their best interest in mind.

Services We Provide

Our motto is to save time and money, without sacrificing quality. We believe that investing in an insurance company is a serious decision, and we strive to offer competent, expedient, and professional service, every single time. With this standard of service in mind, we strive to give our customers the resources they need, such as insurance for:

Auto Insurance in Pomona

Medical (covers your medical bills in case of an accident)

Full package (liability-uninsured motorist-medical-comprehensive, theft, and collision)

Car Rental (when you need to put your car in the shop for repairs)

Liability (required by law)

Physical Damage (fire, theft, vandalism)

Uninsured Motorist (protects you and your passengers from uninsured drivers)

Roadside assistance (selected companies offer it in their packages)

Good driver discounts(after the age of 25 years old)

SR 22 (when you have a DUI or an accident without insurance)

Vehicle Registration,
Renewals and Title Transfers

DMV Bonds

Revive a Salvage Title

Lien Sales

Doc Preparations and Problem Transfers

Out of State Title Transfers

Vehicle Verification

Income Tax Preparation

No upfront fees

Audit Service

EIC Credits

Child Tax Credits

Business Tax

Why Choose Marisol Insurance Services

We like to make the process as convenient for you as possible. So rather than having to go from one business to another to find the full package deal you’re looking for, we strive to offer comprehensive services here.

Contact our office for more information about how we can help you with your auto insurance in Pomona. We can help you relieve your stress about auto insurance coverage, registration services, and income tax preparation. We seek to gain your trust by providing you with the best possible services at a reasonable price.


You can find comfort in knowing that our experienced team of customer service and sales representatives provide fast, fair and friendly service when you need it, any time, all year round.