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Auto Insurance
Company in Chino, CA

Automobile insurance is a legal requirement for drivers, and is essential to protecting your assets as a driver. There is such a variety of insurance options and policies, it’s vital to find the right auto insurance company for your needs.

Not all insurance premiums are created equal, and the best thing you can do is try to find the perfect deal for the type of car you drive, the number of cars, and drivers you’re looking to insure. At Marisol’s Insurance in Chino, CA we strive to find the ideal premium for you as a driver. There are a plethora of options to consider when you are trying to find the perfect insurance, and this is what sets Marisol apart.

What Sets Us Apart

One of the key things that sets us apart from other providers is our customer orientation. We focus on matching your needs and requirements with your personal situation as a driver. We don’t haggle on prices or pay our employees on commission, so the rates we offer are the best provided on the market.

Our focus is to work with you and your needs, to try and find the right rates for you as a driver. We give our customers fair rates for their auto insurance premiums based on driving history, and offer rewards for drivers with a clean record. We value all customers who come to us; even if you haven’t had insurance in the past, or currently have a driver’s license, we can help.

Services We Offer

We offer practically any type of car insurance, from auto insurance including liability, medical, uninsured motorist, car rental, roadside assistance, and full, physical damage insurance, contact us to know what you are eligible for. We strive to be a one-stop service so you don’t have to juggle between companies and your different insurances. We offer extensive services to appeal to customers from all backgrounds with an array of different automobile needs in the Chino area.

Choose Marisol Today

There are plenty of auto insurance providers who offer premiums, but Marisol stands out from other competitors in the way we value our customers. Not only do we hope you feel like the valued customer that you are, but we offer complete insurance packages at one place, so you don’t have to keep shopping around to complete the package you’re looking for. You can simply come to us for all your auto insurance needs, rather than have to find a combination of deals from multiple providers.

We strive for transparency, so you experience what it means to work with an efficient, affordable, and customer-oriented provider who can really make a difference to your car insurance premiums. Get in touch today, and speak to our team of friendly, knowledgeable professionals in near Chino about what your insurance needs might be moving forward.


You can find comfort in knowing that our experienced team of customer service and sales representatives provide fast, fair and friendly service when you need it, any time, all year round.